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Fired Up Foods (est. 2020) was born from a passion for hot stuff, a quest for more imaginative options in the hot sauce world, and a DIY ethic that has pushed us since Day One.  A deep love for spicy fare, and curiosity for super hot pepper varieties led us to culinary experimentation.

Creative combinations of hot peppers, vegan, gluten-free ingredients and the perfect balance of heat and flavour integrity is what we are all about. We will always maintain quality and innovation in our offerings and we are grateful to have you join us in our appetite for adventure!

We are Jon and Nikki from Mississauga, Ontario! Our household is fueled by Filipino love for song, Trinidadian sass, and Scandinavian sensibility. 

When Jon is not making the baddest hot sauce in town, he's ripping bass with his band School Damage or DIY-ing something around the house.

If Nikki's not responding to you on Instagram, she's raising a future UFC star and holding on to Hip Hop's glory days with an iron fisted grip.

Thanks for checking us out, we hope you love our sauces as much as we do! 

Jon + Nikki 💚💚

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